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The Awesome Squad is a high-energy music group focused on entertaining, educating, and motivating children around the world! 


Their story may be simple, but their journey has been awesome! The Awesome Squad is made up of two awesome individuals - Zach Garrett and Michael Scherer. They are both fathers, musicians, and teachers. Both are very active in their church's children's program through teaching and have been teachers both privately and in the public schools for years. Zach and Michael have been performing together for years in various groups. They also co-own a recording studio and production company in central Illinois where they have co-produced numerous albums for themselves and other nationally acclaimed artists. 


As their children were born and started to grow, they began to pay special attention to children's music. They noticed two problems: 1) most of the children's music was... let's just say hard to listen to for parents, and 2) the music that wasn't too boring or annoying to parents was just watered down "adult" music. The lyrics were "clean" but the subject matter wasn't. That's when they decided to do something about it.


They were asked to do a small music segment at the local children's museum once a week. That 's where the ideas began to come. Zach and Michael paid close attention to what the kids enjoyed, what made them move, and what caused them to learn - even if it seemed like play.


In July of 2016, they released "Perfect Day EP". These five songs were so well received in the region that they knew they were on to something awesome. In January of 2017, they partnered up with a local business owner (and all-around awesome guy) Kevin Breheny and formed Awesome Squad LLC. Together, these guys are taking children's music by storm! Look for The Awesome Squad in a city near you soon!





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